My thoughts on life

October 9, 2004


The saddest parade ever is going on in front of the office right now. There isn’t a crowd. The Kerry float just went by. Wow. There are still cars parked on the side of the road. I wonder both what this is for and who planned it. There goes the Bush float… They seem to be speeding. Now some blasting country music… This is just weird. Horsies… and a running horse. That can’t be good. And so it ends. The first 5 minute parade I’ve ever seen. Too bad I didn’t go to school here, then marching band would have been quite a bit less grueling. Most of my parades were at least an hour long for us to walk it and those lasted at least an hour for viewers. If you are ever in Forest Lake, MN for fourth of July I guess they have the largest parade in the state or something to that effect. I was in it for 4 years. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. There are so many people, including ones that gathered hours in advance and are packed from building to street. There are people ON buildings. Not so much here. It makes the parade I just witnessed through my window a sad sad joke. Oh well. It was something to watch for five minutes. Hmm, I suddenly miss Wren’s parents. They always used to shout and cheer for me at the parades. Cool people them. It makes me wonder if my parents are here yet or if they’re actually coming this weekend. They don’t seem to be around, but one never knows. Maybe they just don’t want to answer my phone. Weird.