My thoughts on life

September 23, 2004


The season premier of CSI is tonight (dances happily). I should make egg rolls… Hmm, I must contact Angie and Toby and run it by them.

– I have been so crazily busy. I actually added a page today, for the first time in like a month. There’s so much I want to do for this site, and for Wren’s site. Maybe when I’m home for lunch I can upload her pages. That would be nice for her. Poor Wren, just had her great-grandma die and she’s all the way in Venezuela so she wasn’t around when it happened and she feels really bad. She’s having tons of fun in Ven. though, which is good. It would be terrible if she was stuck there and wasn’t enjoying herself.

– I’m getting back into my groove this semester I think, which is good. I always feel off for a bit when school starts, but once my schedule gets more worked out, it’s easier to balance everything. Maybe I shall get more personal stuff done now…