My thoughts on life

June 6, 2004


I finally got some rope and whatnot to tie up the cats outside. Pester took awhile to get used to everything. In fact, he spent a lot of time hiding under a bush. Peeve took to the outdoors much more smoothly. Now they both sort of wander around and try to catch bugs, leaves, birds… anything that moves. Bugs and leaves have been the only successful captures. I also discovered that the cats like laser pens. They like them a lot. Pester actually chased one until he was panting with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.

– In other news, Alison moved in and I think we’re going to get along really well (YAY). Ethan found a place to stay in the cities, so he won’t be so very far away, which is good, but he’s still leaving which is not so good…

– Two days ago, we went to Jessi’s place and had grilled marinated veggies and beer and played Monopoly. Beer makes that game quite a bit more fun, but somewhat more difficult. It gets especially hard when you have lost but still think you own the property you once had… It was a really fun night.