My thoughts on life

May 10, 2004


I’m on the road for three weeks, so there won’t be much in the way of updating. This hotel happens to have computers with Internet access though, so I figured what the hell. I find it amusing that they have Kazaa and Yahoo messenger. One wonders what else is on these. Anyway the first day was fun. Ethan did most of the driving and we got to have dinner at a place called 4-B’s in Miles City, Montana. I think something is up with their cooks because it took them about 5 minutes to fill our order and the restaurant was rather full. Their tomato soup is world famous. I discovered that there are many, many hills in North Dakota and Montana. There are also lots of cows and bison. And no cars. I drove for like three hours and encountered something like six cars. It was rather disturbing. I’m used to freeway driving with traffic. A word of advice: if you’re ever traveling through Montana, don’t bother stopping in the small towns to see if there’s a motel. There isn’t. Even if the signs claim that there are. Just keep moving along til you come to the next real city. We have to get going soon, hopefully I’ll be able to post more on this trip. Oh! Two more things. On Saturday Ethan graduated from college. We had a nice little party with a lot of cake. On the same day my new roommates Molly and Alison moved in. They seem like they’ll be wonderful to live with. I want to get back and hang out with them more. This trip is going to be a blast though.