My thoughts on life

April 27, 2004


I wanted to get small harnesses for the cats so that I could take them for walks and maybe let them out on leashes, but no, NO. The Wal Mart where my parents live has a whole rack of various harnesses, but the one near here has like five. and they were all the wrong size except one. That one had really thick straps. I don’t think they’d like that. Instead I bought a new heater for my large aquarium and also got a few bala sharks and a small pleco. Since the bala sharks are pretty much indistinguishable, I’ve named them all Agent Smith, since there were several (okay, thousands but it works for my purpose) of him. I haven’t named the pleco yet.

– Mini Morgan found a badly injured crow in the cemetary… I think its wing should be amputated. Not a decision left up to me I guess.