My thoughts on life

April 13, 2004


I finally finished my feedback page. If you feel like commenting on the site, go there and knock yourself out. Berate me or thank me or… do whatever else suits your mood.

– My cats look stoned… they’ve staked out the couch and are kind of curled up in each other’s legs. It’s adorable. Damn they’re so distracting. What I meant to say was that I’m irritated… I wanted a song from the Almost Famous soundtrack but I am doomed to not have it. I would gladly pay $.99 for the stupid thing, but no, it’s not for sale, forcing me to try and download an illegal copy… I managed to find one that doesn’t suddenly have static at full volume but it is only half of the song. I’ve had it playing on repeat for quite some time now. I wonder if people examined my day they would think that I am crazy…