My thoughts on life

April 10, 2004


I just saw Secret Window tonight. It was good, actually it was great, but sadly it’s apparently based on a short story that I read a while ago so the surprise was ruined for me. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Despite being back at my parents’ place, I actually spent last night at Wren’s. We had drunken egg dying followed by drunken movie watching followed by plastered movie watching and then sleep. In the morning I worked for a while on her parents’ computer which seems to be working better now… and Wren’s mom cut my hair. Then there was dinner and we went to the theater with Metogan and Berm. I get to go to my Aunt’s for Easter tomorrow. That should hopefully be fun… or not terrible at least. I finally emailed my friend Christine after a few months. It’s good to talk to her again. We fell out of touch a lot when we graduated, hopefully we’ll be better at keeping in contact now…