My thoughts on life

March 10, 2004


If you ever want to feel really guilty/horrible, give two kittens that love you unconditionally a bath. Apparently Pester and Peeve have ringworm (great!) which is just this stupid skin fungus, but for some reason it’s really hard to treat in cats and dogs, so I have to put stuff on them every day (which they don’t seem to enjoy) and bathe them once a week (which they despise). They don’t seem to care at all that they’re no longer boys, but the day after their surgery they were all drunk. They just wandered around the house all wobbly and then they slept.

– I managed to swallow part of my tongue ring when I finished bathing the kitties… probably not the best thing for me. Oh well. I got to drive in the rain today, which makes up for everything else. I love the rain, especially when it means that it’s not snowing. God I hate snow…