My thoughts on life

February 15, 2004


Hmm. When I went with Mini Morgan to purchase the kitties, there was this pet store clerk guy named Neil (or possibly Neal, but no one seems to think so… did anyone ask?). Anyway, I guess MM kind of sort of asked him to this battle of the bands thing but in true Mini Morgan style, she thought it was at a different place than it was, and so the next night, Neil(Neal?) apparently showed up, but no one was to be found, and he in fact was told that there was no battle of the bands. I found this out a week or so later when he called me (the pet store had my number) and asked me to tell Morgan to meet him at this bar on Saturday (Valentine’s). I decided it would be a lot easier to just give him Morgan’s number… So I did and he called and they set up a little date. Apparently the whole thing turned to crap though, because he’s a creepy hick who drives one of those pieced together trucks and has already had at least one DUI, and also encouraged drinking while driving. Yep, yep. An all around winner, this one. It only got worse apparently, as he spent the night (Morgan made him sleep in the living room, on the floor) and then proceeded to urinate on both her and her roommate’s stuff. Pleasant. Again, true to Morgan nature, she fled, leaving a note for him instead of throwing a screaming fit which ended with his ass out on the street. To each their own I guess. Urine… Who urinates on other people’s things??? My Valentine’s day was much better.