My thoughts on life

February 13, 2004


Okay, I’ve been busy. I think my roommate (soon to be ex-roommate) lost her mind and destroyed my headphones for no discernable reason, then a few days later she let me know she was moving out. I posted fliers with my friend Mini Morgan and I already got one call. I’ll probably live with someone more sane fairly shortly.

– I am a huge fan of CSI and go to my friends’ house every week to watch. It’s becoming a gathering. Last night’s episode was great. It only had one plot, which was odd, but great nonetheless. We always stay for Without a Trace, which was also good last night. It was kind of disturbing though. (twitch twitch) I highly recommend both of those shows.

– I’m in the dungeon again, with a few of the dungeon masters. That still strikes me as funny. One of them told me about this chat program, gaim, which is on the computers, so now I can hang out here more enjoyably. It used to upset me that I couldn’t chat while I was hanging out. There still isn’t Homesite or TopStyle, so editing these pages is not so easy, but the text editor does have html recognition.

– Also, I made my first PHP page on The Lobes.com it’s the News page. It took me awhile because I seem to have a different version of PHP or mySQL than my friend Zach who was helping me. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough for now.