My thoughts on life

February 2, 2004


Man this town is weird. Some guy just came here looking for a police officer. I’m not sure what to make of these things… Anyway, not much has been going on, just more of the same… Wait… not quite. I was invited to a Superbowl party which was interesting. I really don’t like football. I think it’s stupid. I love my friend though and so I decided to go and ended up staying through the whole thing. I missed Janet’s breast (I cannot cope with pop music like that, had to turn away) and by the end I kind of collapsed on the floor and was abandoned there until everyone had left… I thought the commercials were a lot better two years ago. They were mostly just stupid this year… or else I was too out of it from the game to appreciate them… who knows. I can now say that I’ve sat through and watched an entire foot ball game. I’m really not sure if that’s good or bad.