My thoughts on life

January 24, 2004


Now that I know how wonderful FTP is, I kind of have to force myself to update here… I can’t wait to get a domain for this site. Right now I have to like, envy someone else’s… Someone who will not fully cooperate with me. Oh well. School and work have kept me pretty busy, but thankfully I can handle both. I just have a lot less free time, which is probably a good thing… less free time and more money. I can’t believe they pay me to sit on a computer and talk on the phone. Granted, I’m only talking to customers, but still, it’s a nice system. They let me eat and drink… They gave me keys! Okay, I’ll shut up. The past few days have been interesting. Kind of those days that just hit you, and you wonder how you ever made it this far. I’m feeling much better now though, thank god. I mostly have the weekend to myself it seems, though I have two short assignments to do. I started a new page at work the other day. I’m going to tweak it and post it today.