My thoughts on life

January 16, 2004


I finally discovered the dungeon. It is a crazy Linux computer lab on campus with a lounge, comfy couches, sodas for a quarter, a comforting whirr of a server in the corner, mutant ergonomic keyboards, and interesting crap on the whiteboard including the number for the local pizza hut and pizza ranch. If that’s not enough (though I can’t say typing on these keyboards is easy…) there is also a whole array of programming books… (drools) My geekier side is showing through. That CGI/Perl book would have been damn helpful last night… Oh well.

– I am pleased to say that I finally got the web board thing on TheLobes.com up and running and now it matches the rest of the site. There’s something disconcerting about going to a webpage that is mostly black and suddenly falling into a sea of blaring whiteness. That makes me wish that the lights in here were not on a motion detector… Silly flourescent lights… at least most of them are off. Whups, getting off track. Too bad I couldn’t find a more easily implemented php board, because damn is it difficult to edit the HTML produced in perl, especially when multiple pages are produced. I think I’m going to start on a new page for this site, having devoted about 10 hours to deglitching that fucking web board…