My thoughts on life

January 10, 2004


Classes start Monday, I’m going home tomorrow, I dyed my hair today. Turned out a bit redder and less orange than I was going for, but such is life. Still looks neat. I continued to set up the site for The Lobes. I am enthralled to look at the statistics listed. I’m such a geek, but I’ve been looking at the ones for this site, which consist of hits per day, pageviews per day, hits per month… etc. except they stopped adding up. In fact, the bandwidth has a tendency to randomly fluctuate througout the day, the only things that add up from day to day are the hits. Though yesterdays were always 0 (even if they were significantly higher the previous day). The pageviews are only accurate (as far as I know) for today. Bleah. Oh well, this is free. Soon to be moved to a less free location, with no ads and a fully functioning statistic page. (shrugs)