My thoughts on life

December 28, 2003


Okay, I made it through the first part of the holidays unscathed. New Years will be spent back at home (happy dance) and I’ll be back at my parents’ for my (20th) birthday. I received lots of neat things for christmas… A 256M memory stick, some shirts, a neat little bowl/soup spoon set that’s absolutely adorable, a new CD player for my car, and lots of other cool stuff… My friend got me a new Tarantula!! YAY! I’ll have to get some pictures of her as soon as I’m home and she can have her own page. Speaking of pets I came home to find that the rabbits I rescued over the summer are doing very well. The adult rabbit has put on some weight and isn’t skin and bone anymore and the little rabbit has gotten absolutely huge. She’s currently the size of a bowling ball. They’re both terrified of human life. I really need to name them and my new T. She’s a pinktoe (Avicularia avicularia)… I’m thinking ‘Twitch’… We’ll see.