My thoughts on life

November 12, 2003


Arrr. It’s snowing again. BOOO!!!! How terrible. Oh well. Aside from that, I can’t be too upset. I had an interview for a job yesterday. I’ll be so happy if I get it.

– The other night I decided to watch The Matrix on DVD and watched a bunch of the special features. There is one that they interview the cast members. Hugo Weaving is one creepy guy. For those of you who don’t know, he’s from Austrailia and so in the interviews he has an Austrailian accent. Creepiest thing ever. It was like someone else was talking for him. I can’t explain. He sounds totally different. It’s amusing though because in the interview he says he is happy to be in a movie of such a grandiose scale and that it’s the biggest project he’s ever been involved with. Since then he has been in the Lord of the Rings trilogy which I would have to say is a bit bigger than Matrix… Just kind of ironic.