My thoughts on life

September 6, 2003


I was in such a pissy mood yesterday, and today I’m the happiest person alive. My parents came out here to take care of some stuff with the house.

  • My toilet was kind of broken, which, if you’ve never had to deal with that, it sucks. It sucks a lot. So, I got a new toilet. Too cool.
  • Mother brought some curtains, so I don’t have a blanket hanging over my bedroom window, and the room isn’t lit up like day by the street light anymore. Awesome, awesome.
  • Dad got the water softener running and fixed the door so it latches right
  • They brought me my bigger TV, so instead of watching everything on a 13″, I get to view a nice 27″ of TV goodness. As an added bonus, instead of only getting network channels like my old TV, this one also gets the basic cable… who knew?
  • Dad fixed my bike so it shifts better now, WOO HOO!!
  • Mother brought me my new Birkis HIP HIP HOORAY!
  • Dad decided to buy me a car!! Holy shit yeah! no more Moblie!! YAY!! If I never mentioned this before, Moblie is my ’87 Chevy Nova (translation: doesn’t go). Now while this car has character, it isn’t a character I get along with. It’s quite the ill spirited car, which kills in intersections, doesn’t start reliably, sounds like a go-cart, and in many ways just all-around sucks.

I could just die. I’m so happy right now.