My thoughts on life

September 1, 2003


He he he he. In a few short days I’ll have been building this site for two months (though technically I did start on this thing awhile before, I didn’t start making frequent additions until July) I’ve wanted to buy a domain for awhile but since my previous attempts at a site ended in loss of interest, I decided that wouldn’t be wise. Now however, I’m more enthused. This won’t happen until I have some money to work with of course, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

I spent most of the weekend with my good friends Angie and Toby. As is custom with us, we watched movies, ate and hung out. We also played a very long game of monopoly which I lost… miserably. I saw Red Dragon again and watched Thirteen Ghosts for the first time. Maybe I’ll write something about those…

On Saturday, I went to our lovely library and checked out Insomnia. I guess our library requires people to be educated about the movies they’re checking out he he he. When I got home my room mate said she had that movie and when we compared them I realized there is a Swedish version… yeah, and I got it. YAY for subtitles. Though I haven’t seen the American version, I heard they are quite similar, though I think subtitles are not for everyone. I enjoyed the movie regardless.