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I got an email from my ex, Rory today. She’s apparently doing a paper on Irish and American women, specifically their coming out stories and a comparison of how the two cultures respond. She asked all of her non-straight friends … Continue reading

February 1, 2005 Uncategorized


Weeks go by so quickly… I found this crazy game called Defend Your Castle. It’s crazily addicting for a game involving little more than stick people. Recent news of importance: Ethan is moving back in soon. Happy day! I can … Continue reading

November 15, 2004 Uncategorized

Halloween in Mankato

Yay! I’m going to Mankato tomorrow. Yeah for halloween! I get to see my friends for the first time since summer, which should be fun. I may or may not post Halloween pics later

October 30, 2003 Uncategorized