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Hey, I found this crazy thing called Mood Tap after I got the FireFox extension. People say what mood they’re experiencing and then it does sort of an average of them and you can see how the world (or your … Continue reading

November 29, 2005


Morgan had an intriguing post recently which lead me to try and find more information about baby hair. I did a google search for neonatal hair which turned up many many things about drug testing babies using their hair to … Continue reading


I can finally say that I really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year, and not just because I had a day off. In fact, with as much cooking, dish washing and other preparations, I don’t know if I could call it a … Continue reading

November 28, 2005


Yesterday, Ethan finally got a response from the Reverend Anthony (after he apparently didn’t get Ethan’s previous email, but somehow knew we were getting married) and said that yes, he would be happy to ‘do’ our wedding. I’m sure there’s … Continue reading

November 23, 2005


Hmm… In the spirit of the ever-changing nature of this site, I have been working on a different way to respond to posts (and also to respond to responses). At this point I have all of the code worked out, … Continue reading

November 22, 2005


Oof! What a long weekend! Ethan and I went to the cities to continue our ring shopping, and to visit people and places… We got in to the cities fairly late, with an Invader Zim disc in tow. On Saturday … Continue reading

November 21, 2005

Vegetarian Diet

As a vegetarian, I am asked the same questions by many of my more carnivorous counterparts all the time: how do you know that you’re getting enough protein? Do you eat fish (chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, etc)? Well what do … Continue reading

November 18, 2005


Web giants back anti-spyware push – I think this is a major step in the right direction. I see computers every day that are just riddled with adware and spyware. The worst part is, most people don’t even know that … Continue reading

November 16, 2005


Woot! I did it! There are probably little links on some pages that don’t work, and I’ll have to spend the next few weeks finding and exterminating them, but it says right on the home page that this is a … Continue reading

November 14, 2005


I’m getting close to switching over to version 3.0 of this site. I might actually be able to do it tonight, depending on how busy I am. I think it will take an hour or two to do… and that’s … Continue reading